CLIMATE-SMART FINANCE helps Anchor Clients substantially reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chain, improve liquidity, ensure that suppliers get paid quicker, while helping all participants reach their climate mitigation goals.

Here’s how it works…


Mission Aligned Anchor Clients Join

We partner exclusively with Anchor Clients companies who are committed to significantly reducing their carbon footprint and combating climate change. We offer our Anchor Clients improved liquidity, insights into the carbon footprint of their supply chain, competitive financing options for their supplier network, and access to lenders.


Anchor Clients Provides Their Suppliers Access to Capital and Opportunity

By joining, Anchors Clients provide their networks immediate access to opportunities through the only integrated credit and sustainability platform. Our proprietary scoring system is changing the way SME finance mitigates climate-related risks.


Suppliers Receive Actionable Insights Into Improving Their Climate Footprint

A climate-smart supply chain starts with a collective approach that allows measured improvement over time. delivers flexible liquidity programs alongside a sustainability framework built to improve overall performance.


Together, We Mitigate Climate Change — One Transaction at a Time

Our AI platform incorporates an internationally accepted climate taxonomy alongside global environmental and social performance standards, providing fintech solutions to buyers and suppliers. is the only digital platform to integrate climate and credit analysis, delivering a cohesive approach to supporting and promoting profitable, climate-smart supply chains. climate lens is a transformational development within supply chain finance. Our finance solutions and digital platform enable Anchor Clients, Suppliers, and Lenders robust and efficient methods of analyzing and mitigating climate-related counterparty risks.

Tackling supply-chain emissions offers companies the opportunity to multiply their climate impact several times over.”

World Economic Forum 2021

For Anchor Clients

Improve your supply chain’s climate focus while financially supporting your suppliers. Analyze climate risks, green operations throughout your network and best support its financial growth in alignment with the climate.​

For Suppliers

Access quick and secure tools that will significantly improve your liquidity via a reduction in days receivables. Potential new business opportunities are being made available through’s climate-lens, improving awareness of a supply chain’s collective carbon footprint.

For Lenders

Access the only portfolio available of qualified, climate-smart supply chain financing opportunities. Credit is connected to the Anchor Clients therefore lowering overall risks while providing visibility into a combined credit and climate scoring system.

Let’s Connect

Join and let’s work hand in hand in mitigating climate-change. Together, we will build momentum and simultaneously support the sustainability-minded community.