Climate & ESG Risk Management (CRM) solutions provides ESG solutions and analytics for companies, their suppliers, asset managers and funds. Our platform uses a proprietary algorithm that incorporates globally accredited sustainability taxonomies and standards to help companies, asset managers, funds and FIs address own & portfolio ESG related risks.

Here’s how it works…


Climate and ESG Rapid assessment

With almost zero burden on client, can provide an analysis of climate and ESG attributes of the client and if available, their supply chain


ESG data collection

Clients interact and share ESG data to receive detailed analytics


Supervision and Monitoring program validates data quality; assesses key risks and opportunities


Certification certifies, along with an explanation of the process and company’s results

CRM for Business Partners & Supply Chain

We help companies to monitor and mitigate their ESG footprint.

We also work with asset managers and funds/FIs to monitor their portfolio companies, through a proprietary, AI-assisted ESG taxonomy that evaluates all sustainability aspects of the company/business partners.

Our platform provides a dashboard with all important metrics that you and your partners need to reach your climate mitigation goals.

As part of the journey, companies can financially incentivize suppliers throughout our sustainable supply chain finance program.

Understanding Sustainable supply chain finance (S2CF) offers a multi-party, ESG and climate-focused, supply chain finance platform that connects Anchor Clients and their Suppliers with Lenders. Enabling all parties to improve profitability while raising the bar on sustainability.

CRM for Company’s ESG analytics helps companies monitor and better control their ESG footprint and reach their climate mitigation goals through:

  • a proprietary AI ESG Taxonomy
  • a full ESG evaluation
  • a provision of all important metrics that clients need

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