Find out why more companies are committed to environmental goals

The One survey also shows that more companies are moving forward with climate impact commitments. Compared to the study carried out last year, companies with targets for emissions, waste, water, biodiversity and energy rose from 37% to 45%.

We analyzed 404 companies, considering all companies listed on B3, excluding those of the same group, verifying the published reports, the presence of open and specific goals to reduce environmental impacts, if the company considers the SDGs, the GRI methodology and its acts of environmental management.

Having 45% of companies with climate impact commitments is an advance, whose current picture can be seen as the glass half full or half empty. The private sector has already understood that it needs to bring care for people and the environment to the center of its business, but how to actually do that? How to accelerate this transformation?

We at believe that companies can make a significant impact on society by improving the sustainability of their many, perhaps thousands of suppliers. Information and guidance come to those who cannot make this journey without real encouragement.

It seems to us that financial support, with anticipation of receivables, is this powerful ally to mobilize suppliers and make them prosper in the ESG journey. On our platform are embedded financial institutions that offer credit at better rates than those practiced in the market. The greener a supplier’s rating, the greater the benefit.

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