ESG catches up with us

CEOs don’t live in isolation – they see and experience the changes happening in the world in an increasingly chaotic way – whether it’s climate change, income and social inequalities, the composition of the workforce, or the incessant scrutiny of networks and society. . This connection with the environment needs to include in-depth knowledge of the supply chain itself to promote fairer labor practices, progress on social and environmental issues and climate mitigation. We bet on this change, we look forward to it.

We are a green supply chain monitoring and financing fintech that emerged from the partnership of three experienced executives. Felipe Gutterres has extensive experience as an executive in the infrastructure, logistics and oil and gas sectors. Ram Mahidhara is a leader in emerging market infrastructure, with more than 20 years of experience at the IFC/World Bank in more than 30 countries. And Sudhi Mukherjee, meanwhile, is a sustainability expert, having been a senior ESG executive at IFC/World Bank, where he worked for over 20 years in over 60 countries.

In the five decades since Milton Friedman wrote his famous article, it seems to us that the “basic rules of society” or the “ethical custom” he referred to have changed. Young people will choose companies where they are proud to work. Investors will choose responsible companies to invest in. Consumers want goods produced with conscience. Governments and regulators will be increasingly demanding in granting approvals. It is a commitment to the planet and future generations. By the way, this is ESG and it is in this space that comes to make a difference.

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