and Luvi One Research Reveals Exclusive ESG Data

Hello guys! In this second newsletter we start with an exclusive piece of information: the research carried out by, in partnership with the consultancy Luvi One, analyzed how companies listed on the stock exchange position themselves in relation to the supply chain with regard to ESG. Only 22% of companies report evaluating suppliers from an ESG perspective. And even more relevant.

When it comes to signing contracts with environmental, social and governance impact criteria, only 16% of the listed companies have this practice. What makes us worried! The reason: counterparty risk.

Recently, the impact of two unimaginable global events (pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine), has been the most resounding alarm for companies to look at their supply chains, understand who the counterparties are, what the risks are, how to assess them. and mitigate them.

Cost, financial, strategic and definitely ESG risks.

A supplier, whether in the same country or on the other side of the planet, can seriously affect the anchor company if, for example, it is involved in labor infringements. We know that 70% to 90% of ESG risks are outside the structures of companies, they are in the supply chain.

At the end of the day, however, the responsibility falls on large companies that have more financial resources, analysis skills and access to data to monitor the actions of an SME in its production chain.

Therefore, brings an innovative service by connecting anchor companies to their suppliers, in a platform that combines two solutions:

  1. strengthening brand reputation through analysis and targeting of supply chain ESG/climate risks.
  2. financial incentive for SMEs to evolve in the ESG agenda and decarbonize their activities through Risco Sacado Verde.


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