Meet’s world class technology platform provides climate-smart finance to supply chain companies, enabling a strong alignment and commitment to sustainability and mitigating climate change.

Building a better tomorrow

We see the potential for a more resilient, climate-smart supply chain. Built from the ground up, drives sustainability through an incentivized model that allows businesses to better support their suppliers in becoming more sustainable.

About Us

We are a deeply experienced team of professionals with leadership roles in management, investing and environmental/climate analysis. Our team includes a former CEO, a former CIO and a former senior sustainability/E&S/climate expert. With a combined experience of over 80 years, we have collectively managed, invested and evaluated over $4 billion in hundreds of projects in over 60 countries.

Together, with our syndicated lender network,’s efforts are driving sustainability through an incentivized model that allows businesses to better support their suppliers in becoming greener.

Why we founded

Climate change is probably one of the single-most serious issues facing humankind today. As co-founders, we have dealt with and faced this issue for much of our professional lives. The size, intensity and inexorability of climate change is what prompted us to do our bit in tackling this global problem in a commercially viable manner.

Corporate climate-change objectives are met partly (~30%) by in-house improvements, while most (~70%) of the goals require interventions down the supply chain. In many countries, the supply chain is often from the SME sector. Traditional estimates of the SME financing gap in developing countries (around $5 trillion) do not appear to include climate-centered finance. Given the role of the supply chain in decarbonization and addressing climate change, we seek to fill this gap, marrying traditional (credit-based) supply chain finance with climate analysis, addressing both an SME finance gap as well as a larger decarbonization goal, to help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.

For Anchor Clients

By combining traditional supply chain finance with our proprietary climate performance analytics and metrics, enables Anchor Clients to reduce their carbon intensity by proactively building a climate-smart supply chain while better supporting their suppliers financially.

For Suppliers scores, advances cash to, and provides actionable insights into climate-mitigation and operational advancement. significantly improves supplier liquidity, while enhancing awareness of climate improvement and expanding opportunity.

For Lenders

Gain visibility and access to a comprehensive portfolio of qualified/pre-screened, climate-smart financing opportunities. Our fully intuitive platform makes onboarding easy within a completely transparent ecosystem, with fully digital processes.

Globally, there is a $5 trillion financing gap faced by the SME sector. While not focussed exclusively on SMEs, offers this underserved market competitive financial support and improved sustainability.
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This is the percentage of climate change objectives that are met in-house by corporate programs — leaving 70% of interventions to be addressed through the supply chain.
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With, supplier liquidity can be improved by up to 90% — allowing supply chain participants to effectively manage their cash flow, reduce dependence on ultra-expensive short-term debt and to be able to invest in the growth of their business.
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Meet Our Leadership


Felipe Gutterres


Mr. Gutterres is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working within the Oil & Gas services and infrastructure sectors. His experience includes running a 1500 employee leading company and being the CFO of a 5000 employee 2 billion Reais public company. He holds a GMP from Harvard Business School; an Executive MBA from Coppead and is an Economics graduate of UFRJ.


Ram Mahidhara


An emerging markets infrastructure leader, Dr. Mahidhara has a multifaceted and diverse investment and asset management background, including managing a $2.6 billion portfolio and being a strategic advisor to large infrastructure companies. He is a former CIO of IFC, has a PhD Economics from UT Austin, and an MA Economics from BITS Pilani.


Sudhi Mukherjee


Dr. Mukherjee brings extensive experience in the integration and implementation of ESG and Sustainability Frameworks across diverse investment portfolios in private and public markets, with over a quarter century of global experience in over 60 countries. He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from NJIT and an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.


Marcelo Mesquita

Board Advisor

Portfolio Manager, covering the Brazilian Stock Market since 1991. Skilled in Asset Management, Corporate Finance and Business Management. Co-founder Leblon Equities. Board member Petrobras, PUC-RJ, Tamboro.


Vikram Widge

Board Advisor

Innovative leader with 30+ years of public and private sector experience and recognized expertise in climate and development finance. Former IFC global head climate finance & Policy. Senior Advisor - Climate Finance. Board member GoImpac. Senior Fellow Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation.


Nneka Ukpai

Board Advisor

Senior advisor,, business and legal strategy, financial inclusion, and social impact. Specialized in defending large corporations, boards, and C-suite in multi-jurisdictional enforcement actions. 2x tech founder, angel investor, and advisor to startups and venture capital firms. Senior Associate at Paul Hastings. Teaching Faculty – Harvard Law School. Board Member Trussle Lab Ltd, Brex, and Boundary Street Capital.

Let’s Connect

Join and let’s work hand in hand in mitigating climate-change. Together, we will build momentum and simultaneously support the sustainability-minded community.