A note from arara.io’s founders

Photo by: Ronaldo Santos

arara.io Company Introduction

Founder Letter


When we got together to start arara.io, we knew we could build something important and impactful to mitigate climate change. We knew from our experience working on sustainability issues globally that we could achieve the greatest impact by engaging with supply chains, and that supply chain finance would be a logical entry point for us. We saw massive, missed opportunities tying current supply chain finance practices to climate change mitigation, so buyers and suppliers could not only extract more economic value, but also deliver substantial gains on climate change mitigation. We built upon our experience, and leveraged proven technologies, advances in fintech and data-analytics to create the first multi-party, digital, climate-smart, supply chain finance platform.

At arara.io, we partner with anchor clients, suppliers and syndicated lenders within a supply chain ecosystem to enhance financial performance and achieve sustainability goals. Our AI-assisted digital supply chain platform curates, matches and connects buyers and sellers to deliver the best possible financial and sustainability outcomes for all our partners in the supply chain.

Today, we are thrilled to share some exciting achievements and milestones on the arara.io digital platform:

(a) After more than a year in development, the arara.io digital platform is now operational. The platform is powered by a proprietary climate and sustainability taxonomy for curation, and AI-assisted decision support modules for financial, climate and ESG analytics. The platform was built from the ground up using best in class industry standard code and security.

(b) We are privileged to welcome two experienced world-class professionals, Marcelo Mesquita and Vikram Widge to our Board of Advisors:

i. A veteran of Brazilian finance, Marcelo brings to us over thirty years of experience in strategy, finance and asset management. He is a co-founder of Leblon Equities and is on the Board of leading companies including Petrobras, PUC-RJ and Tamboro.

ii. With over three decades of public and private sector experience, Vikram is globally recognized as a leader in climate and development finance. A former global head of climate finance and policy at IFC, Vikram currently is Senior Advisor at the Climate Policy Institute, a senior fellow at the Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation and a board member of Goimpact Capital.

(c) We will officially begin onboarding anchor clients and lenders across Brazil through Q1 of 2022, with our sights on a leading global economy approximately four quarters later.

We credit much of our progress this past year to extensive discussions we have with corporations and suppliers of all sizes, to colleagues in DFIs and other financial institutions, to supply chain financiers and to climate experts with whom we have met and spoken. These conversations have provided us much guidance, for which we are grateful! We built arara.io in response to this need and look forward to partnering with corporations, suppliers and lenders towards more sustainable operations.

In light of today’s introduction of arara.io, we wanted to thank our families, friends and colleagues for collectively inspiring our company’s mission and invite you to accompany us on our journey. We wish you the very best for 2022!

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