Mitigating climate change at scale is a climate focused fintech platform delivering AI assisted sustainability solutions that enable climate change mitigation at scale. Asset owners and investors on the platform have dynamic and persistent visibility on material risks and opportunities to assist decision making and allocation of resources most efficiently. CLIMATE LENS

Building a better tomorrow runs on application of a robust taxonomy that incorporates materiality and globally accepted frameworks for sustainability to rapidly classify risks and opportunities for a wide range of asset classes. 

Sustainable finance products offered are also able to leverage the rich ESG data environment to enhance performance on climate change mitigation, thematic and other sustainability goals.

The Sustainable Supply Chain Finance (S2CF) connects Anchor Clients, Suppliers and Lenders in a multiparty environment to enhance liquidity for both Suppliers and Anchor Clients, and access to a curated portfolio of sustainable assets for Lenders.

A true opportunity to mitigate climate change at scale.

Climate & ESG Risk Management (CRM)

Company ESG footprint

Assessment of environmental, labor, social, and governance aspects to understand risks, reduce adverse impact, and mitigate climate change.

Portfolio evaluation

Visibility of portfolio companies’ ESG footprint.

Identification of qualified climate/sustainable opportunities.

Risk reduction.

Supply Chain risks & opportunities

Identify and incentivize suppliers to mitigate climate and ESG risks while growing profitably.

Help buyers/anchor clients to reduce counterparty risks and lower their carbon footprint.

Get Involved’s supply chain finance program enables companies to provide financial incentives to suppliers to improve their sustainability and liquidity.

Sustainable Supply Chain Finance’s robust sustainability framework:
  • Incorporates internationally accepted climate taxonomy and environmental/social performance standards.
  • Enabling all parties to improve profitability while raising the bar on sustainability.

For Anchor Clients

By combining traditional supply chain finance with ESG metrics:

  • Anchor Clients improve liquidity
  • Provide their supplier network competitive payment terms
  • Simultaneously supporting suppliers to achieving better sustainability standards

For Suppliers

  • provides an ESG score
  • Provides competitive rates for advance payments
  • Provides guidance to suppliers in setting and achieving their own operational ESG goals

For Lenders

  • provides Lenders visibility
  • Access to a portfolio of pre-qualified, climate-smart and sustainable opportunities
  • Lower risk/better credit as the credit risk is that of the Anchor Clients


About Us

  • Highly experienced team of professionals
  • Leadership roles in management, investing and environmental/climate analysis
  • Our team includes a former CEO, a former CIO and a former senior sustainability/E&S/climate expert
  • Combined experience of over 80 years, we have collectively managed, invested and evaluated over $4 billion in hundreds of projects in over 60 countries

Together,’s efforts are driving sustainability through a model that allows businesses to better support their operations and business partners in becoming greener.

Sustainability Framework offers businesses and funds the opportunity to amplify their climate/ESG impact while focusing on improving profits.

On-Demand Working Capital

We offer an Anchor Client’s supplier network competitive working capital financing solutions.

Prequalified Financial Opportunities

We provide platform lenders digital access and visibility into opportunities that are strongly aligned and committed to sustainability and mitigating climate-change.


Better Terms

Our solutions offer Anchor Clients the opportunity to reduce days receivables for their suppliers, notably improving liquidity

Climate-Change Mitigation’s tools actively support clients committed to reducing carbon emissions

Mission-Aligned Clients

We’re backed by mission-aligned clients, allowing us to support their ESG improvement and profitable growth

Sustainability-Minded Network helps Clients positively impact their supply chain, portfolio and operations through ESG analytics, climate change mitigation and adaptation

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Join and let’s work hand in hand in mitigating climate-change. Together, we will build momentum and simultaneously support the sustainability-minded community.

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